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Grooming Tips

Tips for a great grooming visit!


Try to get your pup out for a short walk prior to coming in. Even just letting them out to sniff over at our potty spot across the lot will help. It is early most mornings and that may be a bit tough, but it really helps get the wiggles out. If you can’t get out for whatever reason, you can always drop off a bit early at Wildcat Pet Resort (they open at 7:30) so they can play for a bit before they go over to see their groomer. If you do this, please make sure you have communicated with your groomer what you want done that day.
A person cutting a dog's paw.
A person brushing a dog's hair.

Home Maintenance

Brush out your pup once or twice a week. Every little bit helps. Even if they don’t like it at first, they will get used to the sensation and you will get more comfortable doing it. If you are unsure how to properly brush, or don’t know what tools will work the best, please ask. All of us here want what’s best for your pup.

Some dogs don’t do well when having their nails trimmed. Others just don’t seem to care. If yours is one that thinks the world is ending when their nails are done, we will team up here to soothe and get them through the experience. We will let you know, but you probably already do. You can help with that by gently stroking your pup’s feet when the two of you are calmly sitting down- watching television or reading a book. Talk soothingly to them while you are doing this. Correct them gently if they growl or nip. Stop when you are ready to, not when they are ready for you to stop. Again, this will take some time. Eventually they will learn to tolerate the sensation.

If you can help with this, your groomer will thank you!

Frequently Ask Questions

We understand there may be quite a few questions before your furry friend stays with us with boarding services or we groom them! Please take a look at our FAQ area.


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