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In 2006, Michael and family purchased Wildcat Pet Resort. To add another service, he decided to take a pet grooming course. While going through his training, he found a mentor, Barb Cooper who owned Bark Avenue Canine Designs in Aggieville. Michael completed the course and began grooming at Wildcat Pet Resort. In 2008, Barb’s lease was up, so she decided to move out to the shop’s current location of 4914 Skyway Drive. In 2010, she wanted to step back from being a business owner and then sold the business to Michael. Since then, Barb has moved on, but we have kept Bark Avenue going strong!

We are family owned and operated. Our emphasis is on making sure each pup is comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Each pup is handled with care and compassion. If needed, we work together to ensure that every pup has a good experience. It does take us a bit longer sometimes but is well worth it.
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To learn more about our business, or to schedule a grooming appointment, please call us at 785-565-0612.
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We understand there may be quite a few questions before your furry friend stays with us with boarding services or we groom them! Please take a look at our FAQ area.


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