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Affordable, high-quality grooming!

Because one size doesn't fit all, we price our services on a dog by dog condition.
The groomers at Bark Avenue Canine Design offer professional, friendly grooming services at competitive prices. We welcome you to take a look at our grooming options below, and request a FREE estimate today to get the rates for your pup!

Grooming Options

Bath and Brush
Your pet is brushed out, ears are cleaned and their nails are trimmed. They are lathered up in the tub and dried thoroughly. Lastly, they are brushed out and the hair on their paw pads and potty bits is trimmed up as needed.
Your pet is brushed out, has the pre-clip, any mats are removed, ears are cleaned and their nails are trimmed. They are lathered up at least twice in the tub and dried thoroughly. Lastly, they are brushed out, the final clip is done and any scissoring and finish work is done.
Nail Trim
Nails are clipped and/or filed, depending on how your pet tolerates the process. Same day appointments are available. Please give us a call and the groomers will set you up with a time to come by.
De-Shed Treatment **
A specially formulated shampoo and conditioner combo gently removes most of your pup’s loose hair and undercoat. This works exceptionally well on Labradors, German Shepherds and Huskies!
Flea Bath **
A non-poisonous shampoo is used to control any live fleas your pet may have. If your pet comes in and does have fleas, we will inform you and ask to do this service. This shampoo will kill any fleas on your pet, but will not continue to protect against new fleas. You will need to administer a flea preventative with your veterinarian's consultation.
Tooth Brushing **
An enzymatic toothpaste is used to brush some of the gunkies from your pet’s teeth. While this does not do the immediate job that your vet might do during a dental cleaning, this is a great way to help maintain your pet’s oral health.
Maintenance Program *
This program is intended for those pets whose coats require constant care in order to have a long hairstyle. More frequent trips to the groomer are needed to keep up the appearances. Signing up for this program requires the owners to keep a regular schedule with their groomers to be effective. See your groomer for details.

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All prices are subject to your pet’s size, temperament and coat condition. The final price determination can only be reached after your groomer has made a hands-on assessment. At this time we are not offering any services for cats. ** Services are an add-on to basic services. Please ask about the pricing when you book your next appointment.
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